What’s Dust Catcher?

Dust Catcher is an independent print magazine about contemporary character design, illustration and collectibles that’s been launched in early 2017. Our aim is to bring you a selection of nifty interviews with our favorite makers, ranging from illustrators and painters to sculptors, toy designers and manufacturers.

Who makes it?

Published by De Verlaach in Luxembourg, Dust Catcher is printed and shipped through Heftwerk in Berlin. In true indie fashion, it’s run, edited and designed by a single person and fan of all things character-design, Joe Leiner. He does however receive help when it comes to writing a few of the interviews and the proofreading.

Why the name?

Heavily based in collecting and featuring interviewees who often have their work available in some sort of physical form, the name "Dust Catcher" alludes to the physicality of the shown work and the fact that, as collectors, there is a certain chance that outsiders might see our passion as kitsch, collecting dust catchers on our shelves and walls.

To accompany the name, we thought it would be fun to have the cover appear a little dusty, too. A translucent sheet of paper with all of the issue’s information is wrapped around a thicker, underlying cover that provides additional stability and a nifty cover image.

What do the interviews consist of?

The interviews focus on the creative process and what it’s like being a designer or artist, as well as more casual questions like the interviewee’s everyday life or what kind of exhibitions they like to visit.

What about shipping?

Our magazines ship once a week from Berlin, Germany. Sent with German Post, delivery within Europe usually takes 3–10 working days after leaving the warehouse, whereas the rest of the world might take up to 3 weeks – in our experience it usually happens a little faster, though.

Packaged in sturdy cardboard mailers, small orders of one or several magazines are not trackable, whereas larger orders above 2 kg usually are. Non-magazine goodies, such as exclusives, come with tracking.

Worldwide shipping for a single magazine is 3,90€. We think that’s pretty fair and don’t include any further costs for stocking it in our warehouse.

If you experience any problems, damaged goods or delays during shipping, feel free to contact us.

Do you offer subscriptions and when’s the next issue coming out?

We’re currently not offering subscriptions – since Dust Catcher is largely a one-man operation, there is no strict publishing schedule. We’re hoping to release our next issue sometime in 2018!

Are you looking for distributors or resellers?

If you’re interested in working together with us, feel free to contact us!